March 9th

Friendly Fire Painball Field

8am - 3:30pm
8-9 - Check In, Paint Sales, Chronograph, Air
9:15-9:45 - Orientation, Objectives, Assignments, Rules Briefing
10:15 - Games Begin
3:30 Games End

$29 Per Person Pre-Registered by March 7th
$25 Per Person for groups of 25+ players
$39 Per Person at the door

Group Organizer Awards

10+ players - organizer plays free + 1000 rounds of Polar Ice Paintballs.
20+ players - organizer plays free, One player pass, 2000 rounds of Polar Ice Paintballs.
25+ players - organizer plays free, two player passes, group rate, 4000 rounds of Polar Ice Paintballs.

* Purchase a 2013 Season Pass and administration for this event is waived.
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